What is a Bear Cub?

Like everything, "hairy bear cub" is going to have different meanings for different people. And as soon as you begin defining what a hairy bear cub is, you'll find dozens of examples of men who break the definition. But generally speaking, bear cubs are younger hairy men. Like bears, bear cubs are often hairy or have facial hair, but it's not always the case. If you look at someone like Lance in the Husky Man gallery, he doesn't have a lot of body hair, in fact, what he does have is blonde and difficult to see. Yet, he's got the husky body of a bear cub.

Bear cubs are usually husky or stocky in build. But again, I've seen some pretty muscular hairy guys that I'd classify as hairy bear cubs. And sometimes there's not a lot of difference between a hairy bear cub and an otter. For me a hairy bear cub has a cuteness quality to him, just like their animal counterparts. And whether they carry some extra weight and have body hair or beards is more irrelevant. A smooth husky guy can still be a bear cub even if he doesn't have any body hair.

I was recently watching one of Clerks director Kevin Smith's question and answer sessions and he talked a bit about the bear movement. He was trying to explain the whole bear phenomena to a mostly straight audience. He essentially got it right saying, "Guys who look like me are called bears." But then he faltered a bit when he said, "And guys who like to have sex with bears are called bear cubs." And while some cubs might like having sex with hairy bears, it's not a requirement. Others think of cubs as more passive, and again, this definitely isn't the case. I don't even think of bear cubs as bears in training because I've seen lots of forty and fifty-year-old men who have never lost their cubby cuteness.

Here are a variety of bear cubs, some hairy, some not so hairy; some husky and some muscular. Enjoy!

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